Kindness is our core

At The Refinery, kindness is what defines our people, culture, and community. It is the thread that connects us, makes us feel good, and informs all of our actions. And in our talented collective of passionate ego-free thinkers and doers, we believe EVERYONE deserves a place in which they are treated with kindness. That’s how we do things, and that’s what makes our work and our people the best in the business!


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Our Commitments

We are evolving.


Recruiting kind, creative employees is just not enough. We see that and hold ourselves accountable to becoming a better reflection of the clients and audience we serve. So as we continue to evolve, we strive for greater diversity of thought both in our approach to work and toward our workforce. Because we know broader perspectives strengthen our values, our culture, and our work.


Our Plan

Belonging, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will guide our evolution over the next few years. And we’re already making steps toward that shift. We admit, change hasn’t always been easy, but we’re committed to the work. And here are a few things already in play:

  • Hired a Director of Culture and DEI, who also sits on our Leadership Team
  • Reshaped our Leadership Team to ensure it represents employees and balances decision-making
  • Improved cultural fluency through education, training, and experiences
  • Dedicated  financial support to organizations that support social justice initiatives
  • Listened to employees and using their feedback to shape the future of The Refinery
  • Centered  belonging as a core building block for evolving our Refinery community

What’s Next

We’re focused on expanding opportunities within our industry. This includes:

  • Creating new pathways for talent to develop within The Refinery
  • Employing more equitable recruiting, hiring, and retention strategies at all levels
  • Ongoing evaluation of our applicant-to-employee lifecycle
  • Seeking partnerships with organizations to generate opportunities for underrepresented, marginalized groups in our industry
  • Implementing dedicated DEI learning hours for leaders

Feel free to check back with us for more updates as more opportunities arrise!

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